Monday, August 27, 2007


How many times have you watched E! News and cringed at the downward spiral of the celebs and socialites? It's a train wreck we can't turn our eyes away from. On one hand we love the crazy antics the Lindsays and Paris' bring us, but on the other we want a real socialite that has amazing stories to tell us about living it up in Philly, but not from behind a jail cell or rehab door.

Hence, the ACCIDENTIAL SOCIALITE was born, added as a feature to our amazing new blog. She's not a "certified" socialite (she has a day job) but she does go out an awful lot. She's known to dance on stripper poles in Strip Aerobics class and shopping is her substance of choice. She's the girl dancing wildly in the corner, whom you're wishing would have a seat, but she's having too much fun. And she's here to tell you about her exploits, rendevous and amazing places to go if you want a piece of the action.

Follow her and her gang of anti-It girls as they paint Philly red and risk public intoxication or at the least have an amazing time.

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