Wednesday, August 29, 2007


What's the perfect gift for a dad, a fashion-forward chica and a S & M lover? Give up?

The quirky ties at Prep & Pauper, a Philadelphia-based tie company, is ushering in a new take on the old suit and...well you know the rest. The half-sheared-sheep-covered design will help any executive hottie stand out from the cubicle crowd. And the skull and bones design is enough to give your tight-wad boss a heartache. And best of all, they're homegrown.

Prep & Pauper, 1147 N. Fourth St., 646.705.3050,


never go outside said...

I LOVE these ties. I own a few. Very versatile, perfectly at home with work attire, even better after hours with jeans and a sport coat.

Aimz said...

Nice! You guys need to put up a friend connect widget so I can follow ya...