Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Philly is comprised of one-too-many lounges trying to appeal to the too-cool masses with a club-like atmosphere. The Rittenhouse gem, Monkey Bar, is not one of them.
Hidden among the antique shops and boutiques on Walnut, Monkey Bar is the place you imagine having salacious drinks with a beautiful stranger while the haze of dance music plays in the background. (The perfect hideaway for the Jezebel in you.) With a extremely suggestive atmosphere: dim lights, red glow and cushioned lounge seats in their Red Room, the Monkey Bar is the perfect post-dinner stop with an unpretentious attitude.

Don't worry about who's who or if your Diesel's are this season; just enjoy the company of the friendly bartenders, your requested impromptu drink and coquettish glances.

The Monkey Bar, 2029 Walnut St.,

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