Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Dear U.O.,

You have always been the go-to shopping destination to get a look that's part vintage, part indie, part crafty. With skinny jeans, an array of rock band tees and enough knit caps and scarves to get any girl through winter, you seem to have a handle on what the hipsters want. Where you loose us is with the prices (and we're not the only ones thinking this). Street-smart and unique Urban has reached new highs in overpriced-dom. ($58 for a pair of jeans turned into a tote bag? C'mon!)

While we love the whole made-to-look-vintage appeal, we prefer our vintage authentic and on the cheap. We don't mind the high-end designer stuff you carry, but the in-house lines have got to come down, Urban, if we must continue loving you.

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